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Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass

     Last October I got a Movie Pass. For those who don't know what Movie Pass is, it's a subscription service to see movies in theaters. You pay $9.95 a month and basically get to see movies for free. You can see only 1 movie a day using the pass but can see a move as may times as you want.* I've seen Black Panther 5 times using my pass. A downside to movie pass, if you are a 3D or IMAX watcher movie pass does not work. If you are an avid movie goer its total worth it. As of writing this post I have gotten well over 2 years worth of Movie Pass subscription and it hasn't even been 6 months.
     Before movie pass I was so limited to what movies I would see in theaters. It was mostly big budget blockbusters because I wanted to make sure I was getting my money worth since living in Southern California where ticket prices are up there. Movie pass has also freed up when I can go to the movies, since ticket prices are expensive after noon here I  would only see the first showings of the day. But now with money not being an issue anymore I can seen movies at whatever time I want.
Another great bonus with Movie Pass is that if you have a rewards program with your movie theater you still get reward points! I.E Free Popcorn and Sodas - for Regal Cinemas. I'm sure over time this will change but as of now I'm enjoying the free points I'm getting.
     OK, enough about trying to see you on Movie Pass, I figured since I am seeing all of these movies in theaters why not do little reviews of them. I'm going to do these reviews in little chunks so there is not a million posts on here about movies. So unfortunately these posts will not come out in time to tell you whether or not to see them in theaters, (if you want more up to date thoughts follow me on twitter @CourtneyTomesch) but I'm hoping it can help you decided if you want to see them in general.
There are ZERO Spoilers in this post. And I will make sure to note if there will be spoilers in feature posts.

**Editor note:  5-2-18 I wrote this blog post a few weeks ago. And I don't feel like re-writing the whole thing. Movie pass has since changed their policy. You can NO longer see a movie as many times as you want. It is just one time only. And I believe I read that new users of Movie Pass can only see 4 movies a month. It is a bummer they are changing movie pass up, but I knew this would happen one day. I am keeping my movie pass for now, since I still have "unlimited times a month" I can see a movie. If things start to change too much I may get rid of it who knows. But I will make sure to keep everyone up today with that I think of the service and their changes. An Article about Movie Pass New Terms of Service**

Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon Paddington 2 1. Paddington 2*
Paddington 2 was even more adorable then the first one. I loved it so much. I am new to the world on Paddington and I just could not get enough. The cast is great Hugh Grant played a great villain. I hope they make more Paddington movies. Super cute, happy family movies. Recommend for all.

Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon I, Tonya2. I, Tonya*
I didn't know much about Tonya Harding going into this movie. I knew her name and know about the incident though pop culture references but I was way to young to know what was going on. I think I was 3 during the whole thing. I really liked the move, the cast was on point and Margot Robbie is and accent wizard. My only problem with the movie is the CGI and Face Replacement during the figure skating scenes. Every time it took me right out of the movie, but other than that I still very much enjoyed I, Tonya.

Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon The Maze Runner: Death Cure3. The Maze Runner: Death Cure*
Just No! I didn't like any of the movies from the Maze Runner trilogy. They completely changed them from the books and were just bad. This is an example of a movie I only saw because of Movie Pass.

Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon The Shape of Water4. The Shape of Water*
I LOVED The Shape of Water. Perfect cast, Beautiful set and score. Brilliant story. I'm so happy the del Toro and the movie both won Oscars. I can't recommend enough.

Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon Black Panther5-8. Black Panther *
WAKANDA FOREVER!! Black Panther has become my favorite Marvel movie. I mean I've seen it 4 times in theaters. The cast, and acting, and score are prefect. Some of the CGI was not the best but I can look pass it because I love everything about it. I'm so excited that Wakanda is going to play a huge part in Infinity Wars.


Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon Annihilation9. Annihilation*
The idea behind Annihilation was intriguing but I did not like this movie. I was lost and confused during most of the film.  I loved the all women cast but I think it was too sci-fi for me.

Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon A Wrinkle in Time10. A Wrinkle in Time*
 The world was beautiful. It was just too childish for me and there was zero character development. I had no reason to connect with any of these characters. As an adult not for me but I think if I was a child I would have loved it.

Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon Love, Simon11. Love, Simon*
Love, Simon was an adorable come out coming of age story. Coming of age movies are some of my favorite movies to watch. Was this the best movie not, but it was a movie that feature a gay character and the director was gay. I want to support these movies so more can be made. Everyone deserves to have their story told.


Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon Pacific Rim: Uprising12. Pacific Rim: Uprising*
Yikes! They should have just left it with the first one. I was so incredibly bored and predicted everything during this movie. They stole all the tropes from different action/ robot movies. But see the first Pacific Rim was a blast and I had a ton of fun watching it.

Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon Tomb Raider13. Tomb Raider*
I didn't hate Tomb Raider but I also didn't like it. I can see potential in this movie if the decided to make more, and I will probably see the sequels depending on the casting of villains.

Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon Unsane14. Unsane*
I actually liked this movie and after the fact I found out the whole movie was shot in an iPhone 7plus and that added a bit to me liking the films. Unsane definitely has a Soderbergh feel so if you're not a fan of his, don't bother to watch it.

Courtney Tomesch Movie Reviews using Movie Pass Amazon Isle of Dogs
15. Isle of Dogs
Was not a fan of this Wes Anderson movie. There was a lot this movie spoken in Japanese and they didn't have subs and I just felt lost during those parts. However this movie is BEAUTIFUL and has given me so much photography inspo. Wes Anderson movies have been a huge influence in my photography lately.


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