Nerdcon Nerdfighteria - Boston Vlog

     Hey Katie! Two weeks ago I visited Boston for Nerdcon Nerdfighteria. (The reason I didn't have a video 2 weeks ago.) The weekend was a very special one with Nerdfighters and friends. I also completely fell in love with the city of Boston. It is now a goal to live there at one point in my life. I shoot too much footage and photos while I was there. Hints the 13 minutes vlog and 15 blog posts when I'm done posting them. With all my Boston photos I have officially started 2 online shops! (I'll put them below with the rest of my links.) I tired to be helpful and put all the places we went too. I have to say Boston is a MUST see if you have never been there before! I hope everything is going well and I hope to see you in a video soon!