Blogmas 1: DIY Gift Guide

DIY Gift Guide for the Holidays, by Courtney Tomesch

I love giving and making gifts for friends and family. But I always stress out over making or getting them the perfect gift. Over the years I have made a ton of gifts and had all intentions to write up a blog post on them just never got around to it. So I'm going to post a collection of gifts I have made  over the years (linking the original tutorial so you can make the gifts too.)

DIY Gift Guide for the Holidays, by Courtney Tomesch
I made a pair of Galaxy shoes and every time I wear them out I get a ton of compliments. These are super easy to make and can be customizable to fit any person you want to give them too
Courtney Tomesch Marble Paper Wall Decor Shaving Cream Method
Marble Paper Wall Decor (Shaving Cream Method)
You can use the technique to make Holiday cards or write your favorite quote and frame it for a one of a kind gift!

Courtney Tomesch DIY Nerdy Baby Onesies
You can also use this technique to make on shirts of all sizes, I made used this on a flannel. It works on a lot of different fabrics DIY Hamilton Flannel

Courtney Tomesch DIY Chalk Paint Wood Message Board
Chalk Paint Wood Message Board
I made this as a wedding gift for my friend, can be customized using any color and what written on  it.

Courtney Tomesch DIY Gryffindor House Banner (Harry Potter)
Great for every Potterhead out there, can be made into every house. I made one for my Ravenclaw friend and she loves it!

DIY Gift Guide for the Holidays, by Courtney Tomesch
This is the same techneque as the Nerdy onesies, but you really can use that on anything and everything. You don't have to just use Avenger logos. I heard you can also make stencils on a vinyl cutting machine if you have one of those.

DIY Gift Guide for the Holidays, by Courtney Tomesch
Warning paper crafts take forever to complete! I thought this was going to be a simple gift but it wasn't. A tip to make sure it works best for you is try and find a fast drying glue, and also keep your fingers clean from glue. it will transfer to the paper. Over all I did enjoy how this Direwolf turned out.
DIY Gift Guide for the Holidays, by Courtney Tomesch
Felt Harry Potter Ornaments
To make these I just googled symbols from Harry Potter, traced them on to felt and and hand stitch them together. It's super fun and all the Potter Fans in my life loved them last year!

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