Exploring: Newbury Street

Well this area is mostly Back Bay in Boston, but I'm to lazy to go and make a new title card with the correct area. I have totally been slacking on getting out these rest of these Boston blog posts. I think I may have burned myself out a but with them all. In total when I'm down I'm going to have 15 or 16 post from Boston! Phew that's a lot of posts. Be sure to check them all out, and tell me your favorite ones.

Ok, Back Bay, Boston was my favorite. I mean I love all of Boston but Back Bay was just prefect. The area there was just totally my aesthetic. It was just so calm and chill there and the brick apartments with ivy growing on them, just so beautiful.

     One fun story about Back Bay and Newbury Street, is Jocie and I were taking a break from Nerdcon. Jocie need a coffee and I went to join her. We're walking to the shop and I look over across the street when and see Johnny Cupcakes shop. I start freaking out with excitement! I was a avid Johnny Cupcakes fan a while back, and I just lost interest a recently and stopped following the brand online. We go into the shop and they so happened to be having a Power Rangers event. Johnny was there as long with some Rangers. It was pretty awesome to get to see the shop and pick up something from the first store. If you ever come across a Johnny Cupcakes shop go in, the shop design is awesome!

While we were walking around Back Bay, Jocie and I found the Burrage House. We were so captivated with this home. We spent about 10-15 minutes looking at every detail and freaking out over little detail. There was a family in front of the house parking looking at us like we were crazy because we freaking out, we aren't crazy we just enjoy beautiful art.

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