Boston Day 5: North End, Going Home

Courtney Tomesch Boston Mass North End Nerdcon Nerdfighteria
Our last day in Boston. Sad face. Jocie, Brother and I got up and headed to where the Boston Tea party happened. Then we wandered around North End. We came across a random street, I think it was called Salem but it totally looked like a Backlot of a movie studio. Super cool little shops tons of bakeries. I got a pretty good apple turnover.
We found Paul Revere statue and home, followed the Freedom Trail for a little bit then had to part ways with Jocie to head to the airport. This was such a fun trip and I enjoyed hanging out with all my friends who I don't get to see too often. I hope we could do this again where we go to a random city and explore, but maybe with no convention to get in the way. And also Boston I will be back. You are and beautiful and amazing city!