Boston, Mass Day 3: Nerdcon Nerdfighteria

Courtney Tomesch Boston, Mass Day 3: Nerdcon Nerdfighteria
      Day 3 in Boston, first day of Nerdcon. It's crazy how a thing all of my friends and I said we were going to go to in July 2016
actually happen. I didn't think we all were going to make it. 
     The first day of Vidcon was a lot of fun. I made it to a few panels and did the concerts that evening. Not to much stands out during that day of the con. I may think of something later and post it on my main NerdCon/Boston blog. Lack of sleep isn't helping me think. 
     During a break from NerdCon, my friend Jocie wanted a coffee and I wanted to go outside to cool off it was so hot in the room we were in. While we were walking to the coffee shop I just so happened to look across the street and I see Johnny Cupcakes. I got extremely stoked for that. I have been following Johnny Cupcakes off and on for a years now, but completely forgot they are from Boston. Seeing the shop was a complete surprise to me. They also just so happens to be having an event for their new Power Rangers release. It was totally cool to go to the shop. I live how the decor a day the attention to details. 
After Johnny Cupcakes, Jocie got her coffee and we did some exploring around Newbury St. I have totally fell in love with this area and Back Bay is completely beautiful. Jocie and I stumbled upon and 4.5 million dollars home and were in complete awe. We probably spent 10-15 minutes looking at every detail we could. It would have been so awesome to get to peak inside.