Boston, Mass Day 2: More Harvard, Public Park

Courtney Tomesch Boston, Mass Day 2: More Harvard, Public Park

Yesterday was day 2 in Boston. This trip already feels like it's flying by. Which is sad because I'm starting to really like this this area. But I feel I'm getting a false representation of the weather during the winter. It's been 60 degrees the past few days.
     We had a later start yesterday, we went on part of a Tom Tour. Tom knows a lot about Boston and Cambridge, and has been giving all his friends who have come in town tours. The part of the tour we did was Harvard Square. It was bit of a bummer because I already did Harvard and I thought we were going Boston town. But it's all good. We left at one point and went to find Cheers. Brother watched the show and wanted to see it. There is also Boston Public Park right next to it so we explored around there.
     After we registered nerdcon. Had drinks and food with friends at the hotel bar. Then headed back to Tom's. Today is the first day of Nerdcon Nerdfighteria. It's going to be another very long day. But excited.