Boston, Mass: Day 1 -Travel, Harvard, Fenway

 I made it out to Boston Massachusetts. A place I've wanted to go to for years. And it finally happened. My brother and I are here for a convention Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria (to celebrate 10 years of the VlogBrothers). Since we have both never been to Boston we want a few days to explore the city.
We took a red-eye out of San Diego. Go in early on Thursday 23. Our first mission off the plane was food. Found this diner called South Street Diner. It was pretty good. Afterwards, we hopped on to the T (Boston's public transportation) and headed to Harvard. We are staying with a friend of a friend. (Thanks Tom for letting us stay!) 
     We chilled for a bit and got to chat with Tom for a bit. Then we were off exploring! We walked around Harvard University, MIT, and Fenway Park. 3 places I was pretty excited to see. But surprisingly to me, I got a bit emotional when walking around Fenway Park. I'm not a baseball fan but I know some things about the sport and I know the history of Fenway. And to get to touch a stadium that over 100 years old is pretty awesome. 
     And Fenway, Brother and I (by the way his name is Cody, but I always call him Brother in text for. I don't know why I just do.) We headed back on the T to meet up with our friend Vince and Ali to show them how to get to Tom's. 
     Day 1 was pretty eventful and the little bits of what we saw was beautiful. I'm excited about what day 2 will be! And if you enjoy me doing these daily blog post please let me know. I enjoy doing them and if others do too I could work on doing more! And lastly, if you want more up to date photos follow my Instagram Stories. I'm trying to post a few photos on there! IG- CourtneyTomesch  (it can be viewed on the app)