Boston Day 4: Copley Square, Boston Public Library

Courtney Tomesch Boston Day 4: Copley Square, Boston Public Library
     Nerdcon Day 2... Actually I didn't really do Nerdcon Day 2. I had 2 things on my schedule, a panel in the morning and the closing ceremony. Jocie and I didn't want to hang around the convention center all day so we went out and explored. Sunday the weather to a dramatic drop. Up until that point Boston had been having unseasonably warm weather. It was in the 60s and beautiful prefect weather. Sunday it was 40 and windy and I didn't like it so much. Walking around that day was a bit hard and Jocie and I made lots of pit stop to warm up inside.
     I truly love the Back Bay area of Boston. The homes are beautiful, and the vibe around there is so chill. That area is on my list of places to live at one point in my life. I definitely didn't think I would love Boston as much as I do!
     Anyways the Boston Public Library. Holy crap is that place HUGE and beautiful. I loved walking into one room with desks, green lamps and people studying. I love how they kept the old then made the modern instead of tearing down the old to make room for the modern. Boston had a great mix of history and new and I love that.
     During the closing ceremony of Nerdcon Nerdfighteria, the overall theme was community and about how 2 brother brought a community together. If it wasn't for the VlogBrothers creating VidCon I wouldn't have meet the people I went to Nerdcon with. There were lots of emotions at the end of Nerdcon. I'm so happy I went to Nerdcon even though I didn't have much schedule out to do at the con. I got to hang out with friends, meet some new ones, explore a city I've never been to, and be apart a community about love, passion, and caring.