52 Movies in 2017: January 2017

 Courtney Tomesch January 2017 Movies
I have a goal to watch at least 52 movies this year (one a week) and I thought maybe I'd share what I thought on the movies. These are the movies I saw in January. If you have any movie recommendation please let me know!

1. Creed 2015 1-1 
Courtney Tomesch January 2017 Movies Creed  
I loved this movie. My favorite out of the Rocky franchise. I was able to connect to Adonis more than Rocky. This story was a great passing of the touch to a new generation. I'm excited to see where the rest of this franchise goes. 

Courtney Tomesch January 2017 Movies Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade    
Honestly, I don't really remember what happened in this movie. I found all the Indiana Jones movie quite boring after Raiders of the Last Arc. 

3. The Lobster 2015 1-3
Courtney Tomesch January 2017 Movies The Lobster    
The Lobster is about a man having to find love in 45 days or he will turn in to a lobster. I thought I was quite strange. I'm pretty sure I didn't fully understand the premises of the movie. 

4. The Last Airbender 2010 1-18
Courtney Tomesch January 2017 Movies The Last Airbender    
I watched this as a little experiment for my brother. He is a fan on The Last Airbender TV show and hated the movie. I have never seen the show so I had no bases when watching the movie. But after watching the movie I was confused has more questions than I should and was completely annoyed with the way they pronounced Aang. However watching the movie made me want to watch the show. And I probably will at one point in my life. 

5. La La Land 2016 1-20
Courtney Tomesch January 2017 Movies La La Land    

I really enjoyed seeing La La Land. I don't think it is as "Amazing" as a lot of people have been saying. But I had a lot of fun watching it. I adore Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and think they are prefect together. After seeing the movie I had the soundtrack and score on loop for about a week. I like movies like this to make me realize how much I like Jazz and how I need more of it in my life.

6. Hidden Figures 2016 1-24
Courtney Tomesch January 2017 Movies Hidden Figures    
I loved every minute of this movie! However, it frustrates me so much that I lived 30 minutes away from where these 3 strong, brilliant women's story took place and I never knew their story. I remember seeing this trailer in the theater for the first time and I wanted to get up and clap. I cannot recommend Hidden Figures enough. I laughed, cried, and cheered these ladies along!

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