2016. A video

     Last year I made a compilations of all the footage I collected from the year and I LOVED how it turned out. Because I loved the video so much I had to make another one this year, and I plan on doing it for years to come. This project is an awesome way to see all the things you do in a year and gives you a reason to use all the random video clips you film that end up just going to waste. This idea is loosely based on the app 1 Second Everyday. I started that last year but I failed to keep up with it, and this video clips are longer than 1 second. I challenge everyone to try something like this whether it's with the 1 second everyday app (that does everything for you) or make your own. You would be surprised with how much you do throughout a year.
     Also my friend Katie and I have a YouTube channel. We started it over 3 years ago as another way for us to keep in touch. And last year we started posting regularly on the channel. Our goal is to post a video every other week. And I'm pretty excited to say I kept up with it. Katie missed a few weeks here and there (due to her busy schedule and not lack of trying). It has been very fun to film, edit and upload videos giving me another way to express my creativity. Down below I going to post some of my favorite videos we did through out the year. (Because I can't put them all it's way to many!) But also make sure to check out our channel FromVAtoCA for more videos and while you are there you should subscribe! :)










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