What's in my camera bag!

Courtney Tomesch What's in my Camera Bag

     I have been looking for a new camera bag for a while now. I wanted something that didn't look like a typical camera bag. The ones I found that I liked online cost hundreds of dollars. That's a bit out of my price range. So I've been looking at purses I could DIY into a camera bag. I found the perfect bag that will work for my day to day needs. I got this bag at Target. It was 25% off too! Score! I like how this bag is a rucksack style bag because camera gear can get heavy and having it all over one shoulder can mess up my back. The inside is a bucket style which can fit my camera with lens attached, a extra lens if I need one, my wallet, and glasses case. I also have room for a water bottle too. There are 3 pockets on the sides and front. One of the side pockets holds my mini tripod and phone stand for if i want to vlog on my phone. The other side pocket holds my extra batteries and memory card. And the pocket in the front holds my portable battery and phone plug. I am going to eventually DIY camera bag inserts (I will blog it when I do) to give my camera a little extra padding and to keep it from moving around. I'm excited I was able to find this bag to use as a camera bag. And I'll be able to take my camera with me more which means more blogs!

Courtney Tomesch What's in my Camera Bag
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