$2 DIY Nail Polish Rack

Need a cheap way to store your nail polish? I got you back!

     I had made a nail polish rack years ago for my old room but was gray and teal and I didn't want those color any more. So I decided to make a new one since it was so cheap and very easy to make. This DIY only cost $2 for the foam board (bought at the Dollar Store). The rest of the supplies I had at home. I don't recommend putting anything heavier than nail polish on this shelf. This is made out of foam board.

Continue reading to see how easy this Nail Polish Rack is make.

Supplies needed:
2 foam board
Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks
Xacto knife
Cutting mat
4 screws and drywall anchors (my set was bought at IKEA)
Hammer and screw driver

1. Measure the foam board.
     Sizes you need:
      1- 14in x 20in (BACK)
      2- 2.5in x 20in (SIDES)
      6- 2in x 14in (SHELVES)
      5- 1in x 14in (FRONTS)
2. Cut foam using Xacto Knife and cutting mat
3. On BACK measure Four 4in sections with 1mm section above (to use as a guide line and to keep shelves straight.)
4. Hot Glue the two SIDES to the BACK
*Note Make sure you use a high temp hot glue gun. and watch out for fingers. Don't burn yourself on the glue.
5. Use the guide lines and hot glue SHELVES onto the BACK and SIDES. I put hot glue on the sides of the SHELVES before putting it between the sides.
6. Hot glue the FRONTS on to SHELVES.
*Optional step* Paint or decorate Nail Polish Rack
7. Hold Nail Polish Rack to wall and mark where you want the nails.
8. Hammer nails into place remove and then add drywall anchors.
9. Hold Nail Polish Rack back up and screw in the screws.
10. Put nail polish onto rack!

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