Pacsun Haul: How I saved big!

Courtney Tomesch Pacsun Haul L.A. Hearts
     My dad has taught me how to shop smart and never pay full price for anything, so I am all about getting a deal. That is exactly what I did at Pacsun early this week. I got $230 worth of clothing for only $40! Read on to see how I did it and how you could also save big too!

Courtney Tomesch Pacsun Haul Gypsy WarriorCourtney Tomesch Pacsun Haul L.A. Hearts
 Gypsy Warrior Jacket: Camouflage
LA Hearts Faux Fur Collar Oversized Jacket: Burgundy

Courtney Tomesch Pacsun Haul L.A. HeartsCourtney Tomesch Pacsun Haul L.A. Hearts
L.A Hearts Cardigan: Natural 
L.A Hearts Sweater: Wine

    You all are may be asking how is that possible? $230 for $40?! Well here is my secret. First Pacsun has a reward program called myGSOM. When you sign up for the first time they give you $5 reward. The program is points based and every 1250 points you get another $5. There are other ways to earn points than just spending money in store or online. Reading Pacsun emails, check-in on the app or online (once a week), sharing a product (once a day), check-in to a store, and of course buying things. Doing those daily the points add up and you can have another $5 quickly. (NOTE: the credits don't last forever. They will expire in about 45 days.) With all that, I went to the Pacsun outlet with $10 already off whatever I was going to buy.
     When I got to the outlet they were having a crazy sale buy 1 get 3 free. I've notice they do this sale around season changes. I'm guessing to help move old merchandise quickly. It first starts as buy 1 get 2 free but as I guess as time goes on the sale goes to 3 free. I'm not sure if they gave more free from there. I have also seen them doing this sale at the stores in the mall too. This sale is always hit or missed for me because it's so cherry picked, but this time I struck gold! (My only issue with this sale is you can't mix gender clothing to get the sale.) How the sale works is you pay for the most expensive item and the rest is free. It's that simple and sounded too go to be true the first time I saw it.
     My most expensive item was the cardigan. It was $65. With myGSOM reward that brought my total price to $55. (not including tax) Still a great price for everything but my brother knows of these websites where you can buy discounted gift cards. In the store he went on on his phone and we found a $50 gift card for $31. I bought it right there in the store and what's great about Gift Card Zen they have gift cards that are electronic and will email you the gift card right after you buy it. With tax I only had to pay another $9 and change after using the gift card and myGSOM reward. Everything totaling $40.36!
     Gift Card Zen has lots of other discounted gift cards they sell and you can also sell your unused gift card there too. Another site to find discounted gift cards is They have compare all the discount gift card sites in one place.
I took all the photos (with help setting up from my brother) and bought everything with my own money. The companies mention are not paying me to talk about them but if they would like to I would not be opposed!

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