The Force has been Awakened: December 2015

Courtney Tomesch Star Wars The Force Awakens
     The last month of the year! December is always a crazy month for me. I made a whole much on gifts for my friend's holiday gifts. I plan to those blog posts up through out this year. I couldn't post them through out the month because who the gifts were for read my blog. December 18th was finally the day Star Wars The Force Awakens came out! What an AMAZING movie. Episode VII is my favorite Star Wars movie ever. I love the new cast and characters. I can't pick a favorite one but BB-8 is pretty high on that list. I saw the movie twice in December and I want to see it many more times. If you haven't seen The Force Awakens yet, go do it! What are you waiting for! 
     On Christmas, my family and I went to see The Hateful Eight Roadshow. A special showing of the movie in 70mm. The Hateful Eight was great. I love Quentin Tarantino's pacing in his movies, Roadshow had and extra 20 minutes extending the movie to over 3 hours and it didn't feel any longer than a hour and a half movie. The only downside to seeing the movie is we were in the very front row. I do not recommend seeing the movie in the front row, it takes away from the 70 mm.
     I hope everyone had a great holiday and best wishes for a great new year! 

Courtney Tomesch  Arctic Fox Hair Dye
Crazy hair

Courtney Tomesch Ulta Haul NYX
Ulta Haul
Courtney Tomesch Cruz Ginger Cat
Courtney Tomesch Cruz Ginger Cat
Exploring the outside

Courtney Tomesch Cruz Ginger Cat

Courtney Tomesch Courtney Tomesch Christmas Tree
Me, the tree is up!

Courtney Tomesch Katana Black Cat
Katana's favorite spot under the tree.

Courtney Tomesch Holiday Card Star Wars Kylo Ren
Blasted my Holiday Cards with Star Wars stickers.

Courtney Tomesch Building

Courtney Tomesch Rain San DiegoCourtney Tomesch
Ugh cold and rain GROSS! Me again.

Courtney Tomesch Star Wars The Force Awakens
Star Wars Round 1

Courtney Tomesch Star Wars The Force Awakens
The Force Awakens is AMAZING!

Courtney Tomesch Star Wars The Force AwakensCourtney Tomesch Gryffindor Scarf Kylo Ren
Star Wars Round 2; New Gryffindor scarf my grandma made me and Kylo Ren shirt.
Courtney Tomesch Biscoff Cookies
My friend Jocie wrapped 112 Biscoff cookies.
Courtney Tomesch holidays 1992
Merry Christmas from 1992

Courtney Tomesch Joy Christmas
Courtney Tomesch The Hateful Eight 70mmCourtney Tomesch Merry Christmas
The Hateful Eight in glorious 70mm. Merry Christmas

Courtney Tomesch Poe Dameron Life-size cutout
I NEED a life size cutout of Poe Dameron in my life!

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