Mom's First Lush Haul

Courtney Tomesch Lush Haul

    For Christmas this year my brother and I wanted to get my mom a Lush wrapped gift set but we are all very new to Lush products and we had no clue what she would like. So this year we just gave her a shopping spree instead. A few days ago I took my mom to Lush so she could pick out her goodies. She was very overwhelmed when we first walked in, but then we focused on what she wanted and she was able to pick out a few goodies to try. I also took advantaged of Lush's BOGO Sale and something for myself. Read on to see what all we got her. (She said it was cool for me to post her haul.)

Courtney Tomesch Lush Haul Ocean Salt Sandstone
Ahoy There!
Get clean with two scrubby delights
Perfect for the shower, these scrubby delights will bring a refreshing burst of sea-inspired goodness to any bathing ritual. Ocean Salt is packed with sea salt to soften as it scrubs away dirt and dead skin while fresh avocado, coconut, lime and vodka keep skin bright and fresh. Sandstone is our scrubbiest soap with plenty of sand and seductive citrus notes to keep beach bodies as smooth as possible. Hop in the shower and take your body and your senses on vacation!

Courtney Tomesch Lush Haul Mint Julips It Started with a Kiss

Mint Julips
Mint-chocolate pout polish
Just like the scrumptious cocktail served in hot southern summers, Mint Julips is packed full of fresh peppermint and sweet castor sugar. Peppermint is responsible for that ‘tingly feeling’ you get after brushing your teeth or using lip balm, so we thought it would make a perfect addition to our lip scrub! Plus, it makes Mint Julips tastes like a big, creamy bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

It Started with a Kiss
The fairest tint of all

All romances start with one, so why shouldn't it be the most life-changing kiss you've ever had? Tint your lips with fresh apple infusion, warming cinnamon and a hint of white chocolate. Inspired by a certain apple-biting princess, It Started With A Kiss paints your pout an irresistible shade of ruby red, sure to lure your prince (or princess) charming from the path they had mistakenly wandered off on. No one will be able to resist your tempting pout when you wear this, and kissing will swiftly follow.

Courtney Tomesch Lush Haul Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska -sold out (May still be available in stores Buy One, Get One Free)
Citrus surprise!
When the weather outside is frightful, lathering up with Baked Alaska is delightful! Made to look like a giant snowball, this zesty soap reveals it true colors when sliced. A fresh and uplifting blend of organic lemon myrtle, grapefruit and stress-relieving ylang ylang oil make for a sweet and refreshing blast from head to toe.

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