Polka-dots Gift Wrap DIY

Courtney Tomesch Gift Wrap DIY
I've seen lots of cute ways to gift wrap presents this year on YouTube or Pinterest, and I wanted to give it a shot.  This DIY was a super easy and looks really cute. This is a great way to give a little DIY touch to any store bought gift or to make a home-made gift more special.
Courtney Tomesch Gift Wrap DIY
Supplies Needed: Links where to buy everything provided
Twine, string, and/or ribbon 
Something circle to make dots. I used a Nerf dart and q-tips. That was all I had laying around.
Metallic Gold and Metallic Gunmetal acrylic paint (or and color of your choose.)
Scissors (not shown)

Courtney Tomesch Gift Wrap DIY Courtney Tomesch DIY Gift Wrap
Courtney Tomesch DIY Gift Wrap

How to make polka-dot gift wrap:
Wrap gifts with craft paper.
Use dot maker to put dots on paper. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure to let the paint dry before wrapping the gift in twine.
Tie twine, string, and/or ribbon around the gift and you're done!
It's now time to give your beautifully wrapped gift to who it's for or you can make fake presents to decorate under your tree or around house if you do this around the holiday time.

This DIY can be done with gifts through out the year! 

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