No Sleep July: July 2015 Photos

Vidcon 2015 Anaheim
July was one of the craziest months this year! I had 2 conventions and lots of work. But it was such a fun month. San Diego Comic Con was a complete blast. It was definitely one of my favorite SDCC I've been too. I also went to VidCon, such a blast too got to meet so many awesome new people! (I will have posts up for SDCC and VidCon soon!) I saw 3 movies this month: Magic Mike XXL- I liked it, MMXXL is not the greatest movie ever. Ant-Man-I like it a lot, I'm so excited for Phase 3. The last movie I saw was Paper Towns, it's a cute little movie. I don't remember the book so I don't know how close the movie was to the source. My brother's friend came in town for VidCon and we took him around San Diego. I don't explore SD enough and it was fun seeing new places in SD.
Magic Mike XXLSunbathing; Magic Mike XXL
Fourth of July Fireworks Captian America
Captain America went on a little adventure on the 4th of July. Check out my Instagram to see all the things Cap was up to this 4th.
fourth of july family
My family takes the best photos ever. Us on the 4th.
Danny's Donuts are my favorite!
 Brandy and I at work. (Photo:Brandy Sebastian)
San Diego Comic Con ArrowSan Diego Comic Con 2015 Hall HComic Con bag and badge!; Hall H line for Mockingjay part 2!!
San Diego Comic Con 2015
Mom and I made it in to Hall H only to be surprised by....
San Diego Comic Con 2015 Bill Murray
San Diego Comic Con 2015 GrootSan Diego Comic Con 2014 San Diego Convention Center
San Diego Comic Con 2015 Arrow Flash
This is just a few of San Diego Comic Con. The rest of my photos will be posted soon.
San Diego Comic Con 2015 The Hunger Games
Collected all 4 Mockingjay pins! All from SDCC
Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket & Potted Groot
I picked up these little guys at Hot Topic! I was so bummed the line was way to long at SDCC to get, but so happy I finally have them!
Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pop
The collection is growing! I only need 3 more from the Guardians of the Galaxy collection. Thank you to my wonderful friends for gifting me them!
German ShepardChihuahua
Hang time with my two buddies!
Marvel Ant-Man
Ant-Man! It was enjoyable, there were some flaws, but I'm excited to see what's to come in phase 3.
Snail Rain
Snail enjoying the rain.
Marvel The Avengers
I'm such a big kid! Avengers pencil pouch!
San Diego Museum of Art
The San Diego Museum of Art
San Diego Museum of Art
Looking at art.
Flower Rain Water Drop MarcoVidcon 2015 Kandee JohnsonMacro rain drop. Got to meet the lovely Kandee Johnson again at Vidcon. She was the first YouTuber i ever watched.
VidCon 2015 Watsky!

VidCon 2015 Trixin ShayCarl ShayTards
Got to meet Shay Carl!!
Vidcon 2015 Epic Rap Battle
Epic Rap Battle was such a fun set. There will be more Vidcon photos in a later post as well.
VidCon 2015
Vidcon friends I miss you all!
More Vidcon friends!! (Photo:Jocie)
We are the Powerpuffs.
Paper Towns
Went to see Paper Towns with all my Vidcon friends. That was a highlight of the weekend.
Torry Pines California
Exploring Torry Pines, with Tyler and my brother Cody.