National Doughnut Day:June 2015 Photos

National Doughnut DayWhat?! The year is half way over already!? How is that so? I swear the older you get the faster time goes. Let's see what happened in June. The month started off with hug your cat day probably one of my top favorite days of the year. Then it was National Doughnut day. The best day of the year! Doughnuts rule!!
I went to my first Clash at Clairemont. A skateboard charity event to raise money for Grind for life and the Mission Valley YMCA. I got to see Andy MacDonald, Tony Hawk, PLG, Bob Burnquist and many more demo. It was a fun event and they raised over $12,000. I am happy to be apart of that. I saw Jurassic World and Inside Out in June. I enjoyed Inside Out. I loved the message that it's okay to feel your feelings and that happiness can come from sadness. It's a great movie for kids to watch to help them understand their minds. Jurassic World on the other hand was  a HUGE let down. I strongly disliked the movie. I had no connection to any of the characters. The story was subpar. Super bummed, I didn't even like Chris Pratt in this and I LOVE him in everything.
First day of work was in June. I work with my friend at photographing the Junior Life Guards at Solana and Del Mar Beach. It's quite a fun job. I mean who doesn't want to work at beach. To cap the month I went to Mayhem Festival which you can read about HERE. I hope you all are having a great summer so far. I would love to know some highlights of your June! Enjoy your summer and stay tune there are lot of blog posts coming in July!
Ginger Cat
Cruz would not let me sleep past 7AM. When at boy wants to eat he will let you know.
Nation Hug Your Cat DayHarry Potter DIY

A little Harry Potter DIY I did, National Hug Your Cat Day!
National Doughnut Day
National Doughnut Day
Friends Prom 2009
6 years ago was my Senior Prom.
Black Cat Yawning
Cat yawns are the best. (1 of 3)
Hibiscus Flower

Tiny Snail Macro
Snail trail.
Grind For Life Clash at Clairemont
Clash at Clairemont
Clash at Clairemont Bob Burnquist
Bob Burnquist
Clash at Clairemont Tony Hawk Andy MacDonald
Tony Hawk and Andy Mac doing doubles.
Clash at Clairemont
Clash at Clairemont
Jurassic World
Major let down Jurassic World
Tuna Crabs
Tuna Crabs
Tuna CrabsWith my new pal The Tuna Crab. (Photo by Brandy Sebastian)
Sebastain Photo Crew on the first day of the season! (Photo by Brandy Sebastian)
Inside out
Sebastian Photo

Sebastian Photo snapback, Inside Out
Family Brother
Happy Birthday Little Brother
Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's Day! Dad, Grandpa and Grandpa!
California Palm Trees
Sebastian Photo
Work. (Photo by Brandy Sebastian)
The Devil Wears Prada Mayhem Festival
The Devil Wears Prada (Check out my Mayhem Blog)
Slayer Mayhem Festival
Cats Ginger cat Black Cat
My cats catching some morning rays.