May The 4th Be With You!: May 2015 Photos

San Diego Rain
Another month gone. I can't believe how fast this year is going by! May was a good month for movies. I saw Age of Ultron, Mad Max Fury Road, and Tomorrowland. I enjoyed them all. I got to emerge myself in some of my Asian culture at the Asian Culture Festival of San Diego. I finished another semester of school (I'm almost done!), played a fun new card game Peasent Buffet, enjoyed some rain, dyed my hair blue, ate some vegan ice cream, and explored more of my area!

Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron
The Avengers Age of Ultron was so good! The MCU always delivers.
San Diego Lake
Walk around a lake with the family.
May the Fourth Be With You. Happy Star Wars
chinese dancing dragon
chinese dancing dragon
Chinese Dragon Dance at Asian Culture Festival of San Diego

Final Exam; Me
Peasent Buffet
Funko Pop Iron Man

My friends know me too well. They know I love The Avengers*
Got in our Kickstarer perk for Peasant Buffet*. Its such a fun game, defiantly check it out!
San Diego Rain
We got some rain. 
Sunset Palm Trees
Another beautiful sky
Mad Max Fury Road
Greatly enjoyed seeing Mad Max Fury Road. 
The action was intense and full of bad ass women.
Dyed my hair any guess what color?
Ion Aqua
It's blue! I love it! Never done blue before. 
My photographer professor Bob Barry retired back in May. He was a great professor and taught me so much about photography. He is one of the reasons I am the photographer I am today.
Sub Zero
Sub Zero
While out with my dad I tripped and fell. My dad bought me ice "cream" to make me feel better. 
It's coconut milk base.
Book StoreTree

Gallery Wall Arrow Groot The Hunger Games The Devil Wears Prada 
 Finally finished my gallery wall. This is a collection of art I've gotten from different Cons, and DIY projects. Strawberry Sangria
 Delicious strawberry sangria
 I Saw Tomorrowland. I thought it was good.