I am Groot: February 2015 photos

Courtney Tomesch
The month started off pretty slow. I didn't have many adventures. Spent most of it reorganizing the blog. (Oh what fun stuff!) Then the month picked up with and adventure to LA and having Sprinkles for the first time. (It too far to long to go there) And an adventure to Ikea and Downtown SD. 

Concert Tickets
Feeling nostalgic and looking back at some of my favorite concerts I've been too. 
Beyond the Zone Color Jamz Raspberry Kamikazie
Redyed my hair. Using up the last bit of pink. 
Beyond the Zone Color Jamz Raspberry Kamikazie
Da hair finished!! 
Throwback to a time when I made bad hair chooses... 
Book Haul Attachment Uglies Hugo Cabret
Thrift store book haul. Got all three for under 5 bucks!
Spring is in the air in San Diego!!
Pool Rainbow RowellCalifornia Palm Trees
Pool day in February. Yass!!
Courtney Tomesch
Too much hair. I'm ready to cut it off!
Vans Ska8 Hi

Went to LA and the Getty with a few friends!
At the Getty with Brandy and Victoria 
SucculentCourtney Tomesch
Sprinkels Cupcakes
I finally made it to Sprinkles Cupcakes!!
Sprinkels Cupcakes

Sprinkels Cupcakes Vegan Red Velvet Salted Caramel
Vegan Red Velvet and Salted Caramel
Downtown Los Angeles
Went to LA to do some street photography for an assignment for class but due to rain we couldn't shoot. 
Adventure Time Munchkin
Adventure Time Munchkin. 
Balboa Theater San Diego
Balboa Theater SD