Your Sword Versus My Dagger : January 2015 photos

Courtney Tomesch
The first month of the year is already over. Crazy. This month I went back to school, visited my friend Melissa for a weekend, started shooting in black and white, and saw one of my favorite bands from high school live. Pretty good start to the year.

Cats Black Cat Ginger Cat
Cruzy and Meelo.

Decorating the top on my new dresser.

Ginger Cat
Cuddling with my Cruzy bug!

Funko Pop Star Lord
The collection in starting. Star-Lord
DIY Glitter DeerCruz Ginger Cat
Andy Dwyer the deer; Cruzy

MunchkinCourtney TomeschMunchkin; Me

German Shepherd
German Shepherd


California Palm Tree

Origami Stars

Fallbrook CaliforniaChipotle
Hike; Chipotle

California Palm TreeSilverstein Hoodie
Morning sun; throwback Silverstein hoodie.

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