Universal Studios | Day 1 San Diego to Orlando

Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Here is a little sneak peak into our trip to Orlando! I'm going to be posting a few photos I take on my phone every day so I don't bombard my followers on Instagram and Twitter! This will also hopefully tied everyone over until I get around to editing my photos I take with my Dslr.  Enjoy!!


San Diego Airport
Courtney Tomesch

1: San Diego Airport 
2: Take off (San Diego)
3: Cody (Brother) and myself
4: Airplane snacks
5: Take off (Salt Lake City)
6: Sunset in SLC
7: In Flight Entertainment 
8: Landing in Orlando 
9: The Family 
10: Me with my homeboy Harry
11: Our hotel room is too perfect 
12: Cabana Bay Beach Resort

See you tomorrow with day 2! We're going to Hogwarts and Diagon Alley