What I'm Loving: March 2014

I've failed the last two months on posting my monthly favorites. I'd start to write them up but never finish them to post. But this month I was determined to get one up. Here it is! It's my goal to continue to do these every month if I have enough things to talk about. Also what have you been loving this past month? Let me know in the comments below!

Courtney Tomesch Childish Gambino Open Air Theatre SDSU San Diego California
Childish Gambino - I have been in love with his album, Because The Internet, since January. I've pretty much had it on repeat all of January and February. On March 3 my brother and I saw Childish Gambino preform a show at the Open Air Theatre at SDSU. Gambino was amazing! He has a great live show!
Courtney Tomesch The Hunger Games Catching Fire
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire- Catching Fire came out on Blu-Ray this month and I've already watched the movie 3 times as well watching all the behind the scenes. I'm a little obsessed with this movie! It's my favorite so far in the movie series.
Courtney Tomesch Divergent
Divergent - I was skeptical going into seeing Divergent because I was iffy about some of the casting and was afraid they might changed the story too much because I really enjoyed the book. But, I thought they stayed pretty close to the book and I really enjoyed this movie. I hope they continue to make the books into movies. I really want to see how they will finish the series.
Courtney Tomesch Ender's Game
Ender's Game* - I decided to read Ender's Game after seeing the movie last November. The book was really good. I thought I liked the movie but after reading the book then re-matching the movie, I have concluded that the movie is not very good adaption of the book. Definitely read the book over watching the movie.
Courtney Tomesch Vans Sk8 Hi Slims
Sk8 Hi Slims - I'm obsessed with my shoes! They are probably the most comfortable shows I've own! Two downside of them though. One I have a ginger cat and he likes to lay on my shoes so I have his cat hair everywhere and Two they are a PAIN to get on. One day it took me like 2-3 minutes to get them on. But I think  got it down now and it doesn't take nearly as long.
Courtney Tomesch The American Dream Tour San Diego SOMA Bring Me the Horizon
The American Dream Tour - I went to the Bring Me the Horizon, Of Mice &  Men, Issues, and letlive show the end of March. It was such a fun show. (I have a blog post about the show with some photos I took. Click here to check it out!) After the show I've been listening to the bands pretty nonstop as well. 

Divergent Photo Credit 

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