Oahu, Hawaii | May 28 - June 4 | 2013 | Part 1

Oahu, Hawaii | May 28 - June 4 | 2013 | Part 1

Back in May my family and I went on a family vacation to Oahu, Hawaii. It was our first time visiting Hawaii (except for my mom. She visited before when she was in high school) and we were all so excited to visit and explore a new state.
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Day 1: May 28
I was already bored... This was going to be a longer flight because
we had to make a detour up by San Francisco due to Military training in San Diego.

 My mom and I about 30 minuets in our flight to Oahu.

We made it, got our bags and rental car;
 then we started our drive from the airport to our rental house in North Shore.

Driving to North Shore. I felt like I was in Jurassic Park.

On the drive it started raining.

Our rental home was just down the street from Waimea Bay. So after we brought in all of our bags, we walked down to the side of the road to see the beautiful view and the sun setting.
 One of the many beautiful sun sets at Waimea.

Mom and Dad at Waimea.

Plumeria flowers were everywhere.
 I totally fell in love with these flowers they are so beautiful.

Day 2 : May 29
Because of the time change we all were up by 6:00AM and by 8:00AM we were at the beach.
Me before going to the beach

The first beach we went to on this trip was Laniakea Beach, Haleiwa. It's a cute little beach where you can lay out in the sand or snorkel in the ocean and see sea turtles and other little fish. I didn't snorkel but my mom and brother did and they said they saw lots of cool fish and some turtles.
  Laniakea Beach, Haleiwa

 Laniakea Beach, Haleiwa

 Laniakea Beach, Haleiwa

 Laniakea Beach, Haleiwa

 a random beach in Haleiwa. I forgot what beach it was.

 a random beach in Haleiwa. I forgot what beach it was.
 a random beach in Haleiwa. I forgot what beach it was.

There are food trucks everywhere on the North Shore. I was apprehensive to eat at a food truck because they don't look very nice and I was afraid the food would be gross. To my surprise the food trucks we ate at were some of the best food I've eaten.  
 Fish and shrimp lunch at Blue Water Shrimp & Seafood Co. in Haleiwa

The tv show Lost was filmed at different locations around the island of Oahu so my brother and I made it our mission to find the locations.  The first location we went to was the homes of "The Others" camp. The camp is locates at YMCA CAMP ERDMAN, it is $5 per person for a self guided tour. The money is a donation to the camp.

The Gazebo. It was painted white for the show.

Dharma sign.

My brother in the Dharma sign

 Me in the Dharma sing.

This building was Kate's House in the 70's (#20)

#21- Ben's House (Present Day), Dr. Chang's House (70's)

#19- Juliette's House (Present Day)

#22- Sawyer and Juliette's House (70's)

A random beach by YMCA Camp Erdman

The water is so clear and blue.

A random beach by YMCA Camp Erdman

  Another Lost location! We went to the Survivors' beach camp. The beach camp is located at Police Beach (North Shore)
 Some fans left a Dharma notebook for fans to sign. They asked to put your name, where you're from, favorite charters, episodes, moment, quotes,ect.

My brother signing the Dharma book.

Lost Survivors' beach camp at Police Beach

 Lost Survivors' beach camp at Police Beach.

  Lost Survivors' beach camp at Police Beach. 

 My brother's and mine entry in the fan notebook.
 We are the last one.

 My brother showing my parents where the location for the Lost beach came was.


My brother and I went exploring the cliffs by our house to see the sunset and the pretty view.

 The sunsets in Hawaii were breathtaking.

This rock looks like it has a face. 

Wittle baby pineapple. One of the juiciest and tastiest pineapples I've ever eaten.

Be sure to check back for Day 3-7 in Part 2.