VidCon 2012 (Anaheim, CA)

VidCon 2012 Anaheim Ca
RealityChangers singing on the Main Stage
The exhibit floor
Maker Studio Panel
my brother, Cody, playing Donkey Kong
Vloggers Tell All Panel
ShayCarl and Daily Grace hosting the Main Stage
Main Stage Concert Friday Night 6.29.12
Dance Party
Kelly - Shoes
this reminded me of Bamboozle 2007 or 2008
Michelle Glabvan
Kina Grannis
Jimmy Wong and the Keep
Driftless Pony Club

Vidcon Day 2
The Shaytards QandA/Meet Up
I got to meet Katilette and ShayCarl!
I also got to meet Ingrid (missglamorazzi)
Mike Diva
George Watsky
Felicia Day, George Watsky and Hank Green singing "I'm the One That's Cool"
Hank Green hosting the main stage
John and Hank Green excited about VidCon
Main Stage Concert Saturday Night 6.30.12
Meghan Tonjes
Meghan Tonjes singing "The Fault Is In Our Stars"
David Choi
Hank Green
The Gregory Brothers
The Gregory Brothers singing Double Rainbow
George Watsky