San Diego Comic Con 2012 July 12-15 PART 1

San Diego Comic Con 2012 July 12-15 Part 1 
My Brother and Dad before we enter the floor.
This was my dad's very first SDCC!

My dad and I's first panel. Hasbro/WWE

WWE Brawlin Buddies

 Knight Rider Car



Signed Manny Pacquiao gloves

Total Recall


The Expendables 2

Halo figures

Gollum at Weta booth

Gandalf the Gray at Weta

Trolls from the Hobbit

Star Wars

Star Wars

piranha 3dd

Steve Carell mask stunt double work while making Even Almighty

Boba Fett

 Venom Figure

Hawk-Eye Figure

Star Wars

Harry Potter Figure

Lord Voldemort Figure

Mars Attack

Zack Ryder and Sheamus at the WWE signing that
 my dad and i just missed by one minute. So bummed! 

CM Punk

CM Punk and Zack Ryder

I bought this poster! I love it!

Thor Helmet and Hammer

Hulk made out of Lego

Bruce Lee Figures

Bane Figure

Third and Tenth Doctor Figures

Tenth Doctor, Amy Pond, and Eleventh Doctor Figures

Thor & Hawk Eye

Red Skull

Iron Man


Mortal Kombat

Captian America and Red Skull Busts

Iron Man

Avatar & Sucker Punch




Han Solo & Batman

Lou Ferrigno

Jem and the holograms Cosplay

Princess Peach and Daisy Cosplay

Ursla Cosplay (one of my favorites i saw at comic con) & SDSU Aztecs Cosplay