Newest Members to the Tomesch Family

My family and I got 3 sweet baby kittens last Saturday from a friend.
We were originally going to get 2 babies then got talked into 3.
They are adorable and love getting into everything.
Meet the cuties Cruz (boy), Meelo (boy), and Katana (girl)
Their first skype session was too much for them to handle.
They had to take a nap afterwards.
Babies eating
bring home the babies.
They were a little scared at first but got over it and passed out.
Meelo is a big cuddle bug
Gracie is not a huge fan of the kittens. 
But she is making progress she's inching her way closer to them 
and hissing a lot less. Hopefully soon she'll like them as much as we do.
This is Cruz. He was named after Victor Cruz from the New York Giants.
Bothers don't shake hand Brothers gotta hug!
Meelo and Cruz being cute again!
 She's kind of a loner and doesn't like her picture taking.
so i have to sneak them when she's sleeping