My weeks as Courtney: iPhone Photo: week eleven and twelve

iPhone photos week eleven and twelve : June 9 - June 21
The Wonder Years at SOMA

The Early November Banner
 The Early November at SOMA
Hello, How are you? Missed you so; it's nice to see ya.
They were amazing!
 So happy they are back together and touring again!
 Stop...Hammer Time

Gas is going down!
 Gracie being silly
 Photographed my first mud run and probably my last.
Not my cup of tea.
 did a group photo on top of this.
 me after shooting all day.
 shoes after the mud run. 

Happy Father's Day

junk food at work

sometimes i work at the beach!
Del Mar, CA

help assist on a photo shoot for Junior Guards
Del Mar, CA

Went to a taping of Conan for my Brother's Birthday. 
it was fun. 
oh and Conan sang to me after the show!

walking around Warner Brother's Studio before Conan

LA Taco Bells serve breakfast. 
Jelly they need this in SD!

Raced a Ferrari in LA. i lost haha