Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Week as Courtney: iPhone Photos Week three

iPhone photos week three : April 14-April 20


Found a store that still had some Easter Candy!
Happy 4th Birthday to my cousin Brody!!

Did a little photo shoot with my cat. she is just too cute!

Laying out by the pool.

Random trail in Carlsbad. 
Went hiking to get some shots for my photo class

Lakeview Trail, San Elijo Hills

California is so beautiful. 
So happy I can call it my home.

Perfect way to end my hike

Rocking Johnny Cupcakes Shirt!

My neighbor's front porch is so pretty and colorful. 
It makes me happy when ever I see it!

First birthday card from Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bucky!

Hair dye!
Changing my hair up a bit

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