New York Giants @ Arizona Cardinals (Phoenix AZ)

I finally got to see my New York Giants play live this past Sunday 10.2.2011. They played the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix. It was a fun game and it was very exciting seeing the Giants win!
University of Phoenix Stadium

Dad and I on the bus to the stadium
Dad thrown a football to "Fitzgerald".
In front of the stadium
In side the dome. Giants on the field warming up!
Me, I was so excited to see the Giants for the first time!
Giants warming up
Our seats were the very top row. but we could see everything
Steps of doom! walking up these steps sucks!
My seat #27!
brother, me and dad
they give out pink ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness
Giants coming out to the field!!
The Cards entering the field

Coin Toss. Giants won the coin toss!
Drum-line to start the game
Kick off
Giants huddle
When ever the Giants had the ball the place got so loud.

 Half time show
Breast Cancer Surivors

Second Half
The Winning Drive!
Giants Won!!