Vans Warped Tour 2011: San Diego Ca

     Went to another Warped Tour August 9th in Chula Vista or San Diego Ca. Weather was a perfect 73 with a slight breeze! Had a blast and I'm ready for Warped '12!

 Band Line up

 Forecast called for partly cloudy... I guess this is partly cloudy in California standards. there was only one cloud in the sky.
 Attack Attack!
 August Burns Red. They are still amazing and I still love them!

 Sign at the entrance say No moshing or crowd surfing. haha like that's gonna happen.
the crowd gathering at the Advert stage for The Word Alive

 I was quite impressed with TWA. They improved a lot. The first time i saw them their sound wasn't great but they sounded sold this time!
 Of Mice and Men!
 Larry and his Flask Great band! CHECK THEM OUT!

Gym Class Heroes I was looking forward to seeing them and was very disappointed.
 Enter Shikari So happy I got to see them after missing them in Pomona. Super fun!
 Paramore  they only played a hand full of shows and SD was one! i was so stoked when i found out they were playing the sd warped. they had a good set but damn Hayley talks WAY to much.
Ended the day off right with my two favorite bands on the tour A Day to Remember the killed it! I have never been let down by them. always on point! and then The Devil Wears Prada AMAZING! I just love this band the more I listen to them and the more I see them live!
No pictures from either bands set, i didn't take any photos because it was getting dark and they would have been crap and i want to enjoy their set!

I had a great time at warped tour this year. cant wait to do it again next and maybe ill do a few more dates!
*Vans Warped Tour logo found on Google*