San Diego Comic Con International 2011 [July 23] Part 1

San Diego Comic Con International 2011
July 23 Part 1

So after doing the Bolt to the Q 5K, my brother Cody and I decided to go downtown SD and try to find tickets to Comic Con. To my surprise there was a lot of things to do outside the SD Convention Center so we walked around and got a bunch of free goodies for about 4 hours then we manage to get 2 tickets and by 3:30 we were in comic con! We decided not to do any panels because we only had until 7 to roam the floor and we wanted to make sure we saw everything! Next year I'm getting the 4 day pass and doing it all!

Wondering around outside Comic Con
Cowboy and Aliens "billboard" on the side of the Hilton 

 Some one dressed up in a light suit from Tron.

 Total Recall

 Iron Man Monster truck in some random place in the Gaslamp District

 Storm Trooper with some super hero kids
 Random hotel downtown. it has nothing to do with comic con just thought it looked cool.
 South Park Balloons
 Real Steel
 People dressed up outside
 The crowd going to or from the trolley
 inside Comic Con
Cody excited we got in!!
 some cool costumes

 Batman The Dark Knight
Two-Face's coin
 Two-Face Suit worn by Aaron Eckhart
 Mask worn by Heath Ledger
 Joker outfit worn by Heath Ledger

 Batman suit Christian Bale wore in Batman Begins

Sideshow Collectibles was probably my favorite exhibit at comic con
 Darth Vader
 star wars

 God of War
Tron light-cycle
 Darth Maul
Obi Wan Kenobi
 Iron Man