Bolt to the Q 5K Run/Walk 2011

My family and I walked the Bolt to the Q 5K. This year was the very first one and was organized by San Diego Charger Marcus McNeill. The run/walk was to help fight obesity in children.

 The shirts we got for the 5K

 Start line
We started at the Chargers Training Facility....
The event was sold out. there were about 2500 people participatin
We walked the 5k to the Q! (Chargers' stadium Qulcomm)

We got to walk through the tunnel in to the stadium!
there were a ton of shoes in the stadium.
...we ended at the 50 yard line at Qulcomm Stadium!! We got ripped off and didn't get to be on the Bolt Vision (jumbo-tron) because they kept following the lady in front of us with her walking stick. i was really bummed because seeing myself on the jumbo-tron is what sold me on this 5k!)
Getting ready to cross the finish line! Cheered on by the Charger Girls.

Our results
PLACE  NAME           NO.     Div/Tot     Time  Pace  Guntime
                           2087       CODY 2111
91/91     1:02:3920:101:05:19
2088       LEANN 2109
2089       BILL 2112
2090       COURTNEY 2110

Padre and I at the goal post.
 Mom and dad under the goal post