Licorice Wands from Harry Potter

 For the last Harry Potter movie I wanted a treat that they eat in the movies and books. I went on the website to see what Harry Potter treats they had and I found Licorice Wands.
They look yummy and easy so I thought I'd give them a try!

1 Cup Chocolate Chips
18 Licorice (I used twizzlers [my favorite],
choose your favorite)
**Optional Sprinkles, cookies, candies**
*Supplies needed:
 1 Cup Measuring cup
Bowl (microwave safe)
Not shown: Spoon and Wax Paper or Aluminum foil

Cut licorice in half
 Measure out 1 cup of  chocolate chips
 Melt chocolate chips in microwave for 30 seconds
 keep heating in mircowave for 30 seconds
until completely melted
 dip licorice in chocolate half way
 place on wax paper or aluminum foil
also add cookies sprinkles or candies at this point
let them set
(I placed mine in the freezer to make 
sure they were set in time for the movie.)
 Once set they are ready to enjoy for your Harry Potter Viewing Party!!
This recipe makes 36 small wands