My Birthday @ Six Flag Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain with my family for my birthday!!
Driving to Six Flags. it was a gloomy day.

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets for lunch!

Six Flags!!

 Some rides from the parking lot.

Didn't get a picture of the first ride.

Second ride of the day X2.
This ride is CRAZY!!
Favorite ride in the park!

Mom waiting in line for X2

The seats rotate while you ride.

Viper third ride.

Turkey leg for lunch yum!

Family enjoying turkey legs.

This ride is suppose to make you feel like your flying.
More like FALLING.

Cold Stone Ice Cream mmmm!

Marvin the Martian

Bugs Bunny. 'You're as funny as Bugs Bunny" Name that show!

Batman The Ride.


Goliath Second favorite ride at six flags. the first drop is so fun!

 Playing around with me new camera while waiting in line.

Dinner At Qdoba's! Oh how i miss this place..
There needs to be more in San Diego!