LA Dodgers vs SD Padres

April 10, 2011 1:05 PM 
LA Dodger vs. SD Padres
Petco Park, Downtown SD

This game was my second MLB game. I'm not a huge baseball fan but I can watch. The beginning of the game was slow and boring. I was more entertained watching the Marines stuff their faces. haha. Then about the 4 or 5th inning the Padres started hitting a home runs like crazy. Someone got the wave started and it went around 3 times, then died because everyone missed someone stealing a base. Padres won 7-2. After the game we walked to Pinkberry and got some frozen yogurt. Then we walked across this new walk across bridge and saw some sites of downtown SD.
Walking up to Petco Park

 Kids Day and Military Opening Day
 Prepping the field
 Inside the park
 Military Opening Day
These Marines did nothing but eat the whole game!
 Marine Band SD marching on to the field
 Inside the Park
 Marine Band San Diego playing the National Anthem
 US Marine Corps Drill Instructors in the positions of the players
 Play Ball!
 Inside the Park
 Padres won!
 Pinkberry after the game! YUMMM!!  
Original with pineapples, strawberries and chocolate shavings!
 San Diego Convention Center [Location for Comic Con]
Cody was geeking out when we walked by it
 Some building downtown SD
 New walk across bridge
 View from the walk across bridge
 Petco Park
 Padre outside Petco Park
 Mom outside Petco Park
 Me outside petco park
 My new SD Padres shirt.
It maybe last seasons shirt but it was only $8!