Moving to California: Day 2 | Knoxville, Tn to Little Rock, Ar

Day 2: Knoxville, Tn to Little Rock, Ar

Gracie being nosy
Road fuel

Trying to edit photos and Gracie jumped on my computer

Went to the Parthenon in Nashville TN

its a 1 to 1 scale of the real one from Athena 

Cody and I next to The Parthenon

Us next to the gigantic columns

Cody [East side]

The ceiling outside

The door 

Athena [42 ft tall, all real gold]

Cody next to Athena; Me next to Athena

The base where Athena stands

Shield and snake
More angles of Athena

I forgot what this god is called but it stands at 6b ft tall

East Pediment

West Pediment

Ceiling inside the Parthenon


Outside [West]

Me on the West side

Cody on the West side

A view down the side

After Cody and I finished the Parthenon [mom and dad didnt go]
we went to White Castle [my first time going]
Mom Dad and I all got chicken sandwiches since we don't eat beef
it was pretty good.

When we were done with White Castle we got back on the road,
did get to go to Graceland because by the time we got to Memphis 
it would have been closed. Bummer.

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