Moving to California: Day 1 Virginia Beach,Virginia to Knoxville, Tn

 Day 1: Virginia Beach,Virginia to Knoxville, Tn

Good-Bye house!

Padre behind the wheel

Puppy sleeping in the back

Kitty was a little scared the whole trip

Mom ready to get to cali!

Me bored in the car

Watching Easy A

Stopped at the Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge hotel

Gift Shop

Wax Museum

Random dude on a  dinosaur
Natural Bridge

Cody, Dad, and Mom by the bridge; Me, Dad and Mom by the bridge

Random photos from the path around the bridge

Cody helping Dad stretch

More random photos around on the path

Me by the river

A few more random photos

The cutest little baby pine cones
Waterfall at the end of the path, only Cody and I went
mom and dad didn't walk the rest of the way.

Cody at the waterfall

me at the waterfall

After we finished sightseeing at the Natural Bridge
we headed back on the road to Knoxville TN.
Once we got there we headed to Stake 'n Shake
My milkshake [Mint Cookies and Cream]
It was so yummy!