Vacation: Orlando FL - Days 4 and 5

Day 4: Universal Studios/Island Adventures
Sorry,there no photos for days 4 & 5. We just went to all our favorite rides at both parks and I didn't take my camera, but I can blog what we did!

First, we went to Universal Studios and rode Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit! I was so scared. The thing goes straight up and I was in the front row. They film the whole ride and it was so funny watching us on the ride! Next we ate some pizza and then Cody, Logan and I went to Island. We rode Harry Potter first! Man, I love that ride!! Then I went shopping at the shops in Hogsmeade! I met back up with Cody and Logan, we ate, rode Jurassic Park River Adventures. We were so over dramatic on that ride, that was fun. Logan lost his hat on the ride. Next was DR. DOOM! again. Then we rodeThe Hulk and went back to Universal. We rode the Simpsons again, and Men in Black (I won!!) My score was 106,825. Cody came in last and blamed losing on his gun again. Haha yeah right! We did Disaster and Logan was part of the movie, after that we went rode The Mummy. One of my favorites and still such a fun ride. Logan had to meet up with his mom, so Cody and I went back to Island rode Dragon Challenge one last time, then ate and we were done for the day!! Our three day universal/island was finish! We went back to the hotel and swam for about an hour then went to bed.

Day 5 Drive Home!
Started of badly! Someone pulled the fire alarm around 3:30 in the morning. It didn't get turned off until 4. I was able to fall back asleep around 4:30ish then me and my dad got up and had breakfast, then pool time for a few before we packed up and hit the rode back home. We got on the road around 1, then drove about an hour to palm coast and met up with our old neighbors/friends Dallas and September for lunch. Hung out with them for a couple of hours then back on the road. and yet another boring drive! I did a bunch of editing and watched harry potter for like the 5th time on the trip. Then slept the rest of the way home! We got home around 3 and our trip was officially over :(

I had a blast in Florida like always! and I'm ready to go back when its not so hot!! Also I had a fun time hanging out with my cousin before he left for boot camp.

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