Orlando FL - Day 3: Universal Studios

Sorry it's so late, Photoshop and I weren't getting along. It kept crashing on me!

Day 3: Universal Studios- did all of universal studios in half a day then we went back to Island Adventures and rode some of the rides again!
Mom and Dad with the Blue Deuces
Mike V is Everywhere! haha @Element shop in Citywalk

Dad and the Universal Globe


Shrek 4-D 
Jimmy Neutron
I Love Lucy!
Old Hollywood

 Lunch at Mel's Drive In
Cody with an old car

The Simpson!

Homer D'OH!

The Simpsons ride was new to us this time and it was really fun!

The family waiting in line
Men in Black!! Dad and I beat Mom and Cody! Cody blamed his guns weren't working we just think he sucks!!

Disaster was super fun and our "Art Director" was really fun!

Dr Doom Fear Fall is one on my favorite rides in island adventures!! i rode it like 4 times this trip!!

We finished the part early so Cody and I went back to Island Adventures and Mom and Dad made a pit stop at Pat O'Brien's for some Hurricanes [all photos taken by my mom. They aren't too bad!]

Rob Thomas. We only stayed for a few songs.

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